Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One Year: My Turn

As I sit here it's 4:30 am early Wednesday morning. Later today I'm meeting with my editor to lock down a final cut of the trailer for Neighborhood Watch at the Hollywood. I can't sleep as thoughts of how to best promote it race through my head. It could prove to be a crucial test for the show. For the last year I have ate, slept and breathed this project. (Which is a funny expression because as I just indicated, I don't sleep much.) It is my white whale. Welcome to my world.

Inspired by Chris Preksta's One Year post celebrating the one year anniversary of wrapping principal photography of his show, I decided to follow suit. A year ago today we weren't quite wrapped but in the middle of our 58 pages in 6 days shoot. First I need to acknowledge the cast and crew for their fine work and others behind the scenes for their support. They are ever present in my thoughts, a constant reminder that I'm responsible to the people who have shown faith in me which is a great source of motivation.

I keep replaying the decisions I have made for the project this past year. Did I zig when I should have zagged? The truth is I made the best decisions I could have at the time. While I may have done things differently today, it's because there are some options today that weren't available back then. It's comforting to know that there are other independent unestablished self-funded(ind-uns for the sake of brevity) out there like me who share the same struggles. By the same token, it's disconcerting to know these struggles have not gotten easier by now when really, they should be.

There is no Sundance for ind-uns. Those championing our cause are too few and far between. There are many that could be. There are a few that should be and perhaps a couple that are making an effort, but for the most part we are in no better position then we were a year ago. I've heard all the excuses none more than "it's the economy." Well I got news for you, smart people seem to find a way to make plenty of money in a bad economy. I knew when the wallets slowly cracked open they would be for project with "names" attached or for players already established in New Media and if you look at the deals that have happened in the past few months, that has been the case. It's a good thing I didn't listen. It was apparent that on top of everything else I was going to have to get familiar with the advertising biz. So I refined my own pitch, identified my own targets, researched my own contacts and enlisted help to shop the show whenever I could. The good news is that I've recently found a kindred New Media spirit to storm the beach and carry the flag for the show.

So other than the trailer, where are we? I feel like we have a really unique opportunity to show that ind-uns shows can integrate brands. That's an honor I'd be proud to have. As I said, fortunately the show really provides some organic seamless spots for integration. Unfortunately, we really need the funding to finish the project the way it should be finished. While we have the footage "in the can" the concept requires a great deal of animation and some effects. It makes me wonder sometimes if the concept was just too big for me to pull off. That being said, I believe you should go big or go home. Preliminary feedback has been great and I'm convinced the show will be well received.

My greatest source of stress this pass year is that I will let everyone down. The cast. The crew. My family. My friends. Mel Kimman of the Hollywood, who saw something in me that made him provide an awesome location to shoot in. (It shall be served.) And myself. The thought that I have so many projects I'd love to do that may never see the light of day. I take solace in the fact that whenever I put my mind, heart and soul to something I get it. To those who kept the faith, I'll remember it. To those who lost faith I won't hold it against you, but I'll remember that too. I shall finish the game.

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